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AFIP Transitions to Online Testing
Local & On-Demand Professionally Proctored Testing Centers

With the introduction of professionally proctored LaserGrade testing sites in 2004, AFIP not only strengthened its commitment to irreproachable testing standards, it has addressed the growing need to provide local, on-demand service for the F&I community and AFIP Industry Members.

Integrity is the Key
The integrity of its final exam is the key to the validity of the AFIP Certification Program.  The AFIP Certified F&I Professional designation says as much about the people who hold it as it does about the employers who require it.  Collectively, we all represent the industry standard for regulatory competence and ethical conduct.  Integrity is a course criterion that cannot be compromised.

Time is a Commodity
The AFIP testing process must be in sync with the needs of the F&I community.  The devastating impact of the current market conditions has left no segment of the retail car business unscathed.  This is especially true for those working the F&I box.  Time to wire deals, time away from the store... time to do anything... is a scarce and precious commodity. 

Important Benefits for Candidates
LaserGrade testing addresses the issue of exam integrity and saves time. “I’ve had faith in the hundreds of qualified proctors who have monitored literally thousands upon thousands of exams for nearly twenty years – and our methods have never been challenged,” said David Robertson, AFIP’s executive director.  “But we live in litigious times, and the support accorded our program by national and state dealer associations, AFIP Industry Members, and numerous major dealer groups and individual stores required that we take the examination process to a higher level.”

The decision to contract with a professional testing service also solved the growing challenge of testing large groups of people working in more than one dealership, often in different states.  Additionally, AFIP now has the ability to inform the certification candidate of his or her score immediately following  completion of the exam.  Candidates testing through LaserGrade also receive their recognition materials more quickly.

Important Benefits for Industry Members
The availability of live, on-demand telephone reviews and local, on-demand LaserGrade testing has dramatically reduced the time and effort required of AFIP Industry Member field operatives who promote and monitor the certification process.  A field operative wishing to certify an F&I practitioner only needs to secure permission to have the material shipped, establish a target testing date with the certification candidate, and be available to answer questions as the student works through the course material.

What You Need to Know
LaserGrade, recently acquired by PSI, operates testing sites throughout the United States.  LaserGrade is an official examination provider for the FAA.

Using the instructions included in the certification material or online at, the candidate or field representative must locate and contact the most convenient site to schedule a testing time.  Candidates will be required to provide personal information to affirm their identity.  Once the candidate has completed the test, their scores will be provided immediately and AFIP will be notified.

The cost of one LaserGrade testing session is included in the price of the AFIP Certification Course materials.  Candidates who fail one or more sections of the final exam are responsible for rescheduling the for the test(s) failed (only) and for paying the $55 examination fee. (Two-week waiting period after failed tests.)

Paper Testing Still Available
The AFIP exam is still available in its paper format in highly controlled environments through Industry Members still offering paper tests.


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