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Your Certification Is Expiring if you were Certified In or Before
March 2009

If you certification expires, you will no longer be listed on our roster of certified F&I professionals, you will no longer qualify for member benefits, and you may no longer use the AFIP Certified F&I Professional logo on your business cards or desk nameplate.  Get AFIP Certified now!

In with the New!
Exciting Updates to AFIP Member Benefits
Some of you may have it sitting on your desk right now - your personalized AFIP Certified F&I Professional nameplate - showing every customer that you're a committed professional they can trust.  But for many of you, the basic wooden design simply doesn't suit your tastes or office decor, so it's been relegated to a desk drawer or home office.  By popular demand, AFIP has discontinued the old-fashioned wooden nameplate.  For courses purchased on or after January 1, 2009, AFIP will no longer ship nameplates with recognition materials, opting instead to allow certified F&I professionals to purchase the design of their choosing at the soon-to-be-launched AFIP F&I ProShop. Read More

AFIP Joins Facebook!
Like most professional associations, AFIP is constantly looking for ways to communicate effectively with our constituency.  We’ve created a new Facebook page to allow us to do just that.  On our page, you’ll be able to see updates about our products and services, view our upcoming events (including our final exam review schedule), and post messages on our discussion board.

If you don’t already have a Facebook account, you can get one free at  Our profile is listed under “Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals.”  Become a fan to let us know who’s out there!

ALERT! Red Flag Rule Compliance Deadline Quickly Approaching
On May 1, 2009, you will be required by the FTC to be in full compliance with the Red Flag Rule.  If you don’t comply by that date, you may be subject to regulatory fines, lawsuits and negative media exposure.  If you need an inexpensive, quick and easy way to install a no- to low-disruption Red Flag Rule program, please purchase An F&I Manager’s Guide to the Red Flag Rule.  

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