About the AFIP Certification Program

(You must become AFIP Certified and properly maintain your certification status to be an individual member of AFIP.)

The AFIP Certification Program is a college-level continuing education program designed to give in-dealership F&I professionals and lender and vendor support personnel the regulatory and legal knowledge necessary to excel and a strong foundation for industry-specific ethical practices.

Course Requirements

Each course is divided into three modules: federal, state and ethics. Every candidate must sign and agree to abide by the AFIP Code of Ethics, a strictly enforced industry-derived code of conduct. Additionally, you must have or have applied for any licenses required by your state to work in your current capacity (contact your supervisor or local or state dealer association for more details). No individual with a past pecuniary or fiduciary felony conviction can become AFIP Certified.

All AFIP Certification candidates must complete the following to become AFIP Certified:

  • Federal module (150 questions)
  • State module (25 questions) *
  • Ethics module (25 questions) *
  • Applied Ethics Workbook (Senior candidates only)
  • Background check (coming soon)
  • Code of Ethics signed in ink or electronically

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